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Wikipedia--Scratch and Sniff Version, also called Sniffipedia, is an alternative version of Wikipedia in which every single article comes with a scratch and sniff card, which has a scent that matches the subject matter of the article.

For instance, the article on chocolate has a pleasant chocolate scent. The article called "List of Museums in Oklahoma" smells like different museums in Oklahoma. The article about armpits smells like an armpit. The article about Windermere, Florida smells like Windermere, Florida. Obama's article smells like black man. Currymuncher people's articles smell like curry, because they're apus. The article about get the idea.

"I learned quite a bit from Sniffipedia," says fourth grader Kenneth Bazooka, "I never knew there were so many things in the world that smell awful. And I seriously regret reading the Mick Jagger article, though the Angelina Jolie article helped me recover emotionally."

Some sources indicate that the makers of the Scratch and Sniff Wikipedia are in the early stages of designing another website called "Tastipedia" in readers are given a lollipop which is flavored like whatever the subject of the article is. For instance, if you visited the article about headphones, you would be given a headphone-flavored lollipop, or a lollipop that tastes like explosions when you look up the explosions article.

There is another spin-off site called "Eatipedia" where you can opt to eat anything that is the subject of what the article you are reading is about! If you visit the soil article, you get to eat lots of dirt! If you want to eat some fire, go to the fire article. Just don't go to the article on Donald Trump, or else the Anti-Villain League and the League of Incredible Vegetables will be notified and you might be cubed from eating Wikipedia.

There is also a "Wikivomit" where you attach your rat to your piano and vomit whatever you are searching. If you read the article on electric lamps, you get to vomit lightbulbs, or you can regurgitate molasses if you look up the molasses article. Or you can spit out wheels if you go to the wheel article.

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