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The Maine Page is an Internet page specialized in Maine. That last sentence didn't make much sense nor was it grammatically correct.

History[edit | edit source]

The Maine Page was created in Augusta, Maine on July 23rd 2004 by a man named Bob Roberts. Bob wasn't available for comment.

It was started as an attempt to create a web page for all of Maine. He did not realize to fatal errors that he was making.

Error #1[edit | edit source]

There was already a page about Maine at

Error #2[edit | edit source]

No one was going to find it considering he used Freewebs.

The Argument[edit | edit source]

Many Wiki users got angry over those mistaking Bob's Maine Page for their wiki's Main Page. A Cold War broke out with Bob and every wiki user in the world. Threats were made and Bob was assassinated ending the war. The Maine Page still exists today but it's whereabouts are unknown. Some say Freewebs still hosts it but they deny. Many claim it is on a private site, in the depths. And others claim that the state of Maine claimed rights to distribute it. Others say it never existed in the first place. I'd agree with the last guys.