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Illogicopedia.urgh is Illogicopedia's official anti-mirror. It is named after the noise people make when they read articles there and the vocal expression of being punched in the gut, the physical equivalent of the pain one feels when they discover it isn't Unclepeteopedia.

Priyngtysk?[edit | edit source]

Hamanski. Patarastiche? Nastika!

Translation: What the fnurdle?

Enough o' that.[edit | edit source]

Back to the actual website. Now you might think that this mirror has a slightly evil presence to it, seeing as it's an anti-mirror and all. Not true - in fact, is the evil twin. Its brother was flushed down the drain at the age of five and never seen again... until 2004. It emerged a strange, mutant being that spurted garbage and ate car tyres.

It is still much more refined and infinitely more presentable than, though.

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