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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

Illogicopedish is a language created to be really weird. It's our personal Illogicopedial conlang if you will.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Woo-hoo! I created magical Illogicopedia language thing! uhh


Glyphs and Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

see, this language consists these letters.

main sound listed bold, sound that appears in local language listed italic.

Letter Pronunciation
Arcane b.png [b, p]
Arcane d.png [d]
Arcane g.png [g]
Arcane t.png [t, dd]
Arcane k.png [k, q, c(k sound)]
Arcane r.png [r, l]
Arcane j.png [j, z]
Arcane m.png [m]
Arcane n.png [n]
Arcane s.png [s, c(s sound), x]
Arcane a.png [a]
Arcane e.png [e]
Arcane i.png [i, y]
Arcane o.png [o]
Arcane u.png [u, v, w, f]

(I tried to make an abugida, EPIC FAIL.)

and these makes syllable.

(h is treated as silent)

Syllable structure[edit | edit source]


yes. simple, eh?

Oh, and we usually don't omit the First consonant unless it's the first syllable in the word.

But when the word starts with u, f, w or v sound (which sounds u when translated), you can.

New Syllable structure[edit | edit source]

Time has passed. now some grammar changed.

You can either put V(V) on the first.

But, the rest must be CV(V)(C).


V CV (O)



we cannot omit All consonants and just leave only vowels.

we cannot use same letter twice in a row. unless it's in a different word.

Word Structure[edit | edit source]

(1~4 syllable) = Normal Words

(1~4 syllable)●(1~4 syllable) = Spells

ex) Volatus-Waluus ('Growing wings' spell)

Arcane u.pngArcane o.pngArcane r.pngArcane a.pngArcane t.pngArcane u.pngArcane s.pngArcane u.pngArcane a.pngArcane r.pngArcane u.pngArcane s.png


Arcane u.pngArcane o.png(VV, uo)

Arcane r.pngArcane a.png (CV, la)

Arcane t.pngArcane u.pngArcane s.png (CVC, tus)


Arcane u.pngArcane a.png (VV, ua)

Arcane r.pngArcane u.pngArcane s.png (CVC, lus)

Translation[edit | edit source]

When translating inexistent words from foreign language,

try to imitate its pronunciation.

also, the translation can ignore the CV rule.

ex) Abracadabra :

Arcane a.pngArcane b.pngArcane r.pngArcane a.pngArcane k.pngArcane a.pngArcane d.pngArcane a.pngArcane b.pngArcane r.pngArcane a.png


Arcane a.pngArcane b.png(VC, a)

Arcane r.pngArcane a.png(CV, ra)


Arcane k.pngArcane a.png(CV, ka)

Arcane d.pngArcane a.pngArcane b.png(CVC, dab)

Arcane r.pngArcane a.png(CV, ra)

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