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This article was not written by Japanese people.
They'd have written an articre in Engrish.
  I saw a Japanese guy saying, "Soorii, wii donto speeku Ingrishu."  
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Ainusaikuropedia(a.k.a. Ansaikuropedia) is the forked version of Japanese Uncyclopedia on Miraheze.

Why did that happen?[edit | edit source]

Well, something, probably the appearance of a massive vandal as usual, happened on Japanese Uncyclopedia, and a technical trouble occurred (this is rather unusual), disabling people to create new pages. Seeing it, a user on Miraheze decided to fork the whole wiki, but since it was done before the approval of the Uncyclomedia Foundation, they needed to make a request to make it official. Since the Japanese language code is already occupied, the founder had to make a request as the Ainu version instead.

This led to the result, though the official name is Ansaikuropedia, that the wiki is called Ainusaikuropedia.

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