How many Illogicopedians does it take to change a light bulb?

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22. One to hold the ladder in place, one to change it, one to tell a dumb joke about George Bush, one to compare sandwiches, one to call a kid's show evil, one to shoot the one holding the ladder in place, one to help the guy who was on the ladder back up, one to laugh at the guy who got shot, one to get angry and go back to being an Uncyclopedian or head to our embassy, one to start crying after losing count of how many Illogicopedians there are in the room, one to call everyone in the room an idiot who ****s **** on W*dnesdays and during D*ember, ten to scream like howler monkeys, and one to watch from a safe distance *Cough* The Moon *Cough* type it all down so Illogicopedians who were changing the lightbulb can say “Ooh! There I am! Hi, Mom!” when they come to this two sentence page.