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WikiReview is a wiki which you review the quality of Frantiqueliomaniahophophop US Navy aircraft carriers. They said that everyone's username must be ajdka with 6 numbers on the end. What a concept!

What happens if you create an account on WikiReview[edit | edit source]

Your head would turn green and you will go bald. Everyone will forget you exist and then you automatically type all day on WikiReview.

Wha???????[edit | edit source]

No that won't happen if you create an account and spread the word RIGHT NOW!

Link so I can do it right now?[edit | edit source]


Thanks! WHERE IS MY MILLION DOLLARS[edit | edit source]

WTF...I didn't say anything about million dollars.

Fine then, I quit![edit | edit source]

Green head and no million dollars!

Deal![edit | edit source]

*to self* I reeled him in!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111 wooooooooottttttttt i am teh pwning person!!!!!!1111 1111111