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Uncyclopedia Dramatica's logo, featuring the trademark backwards Æs

Uncyclopedia Dramatica is a wiki that features satirically-themed articles as a parody of Encyclopædia Dramatica. UD seeks out to polarise ED, so all of its users are referred to as "/y/tards", as /y/ is alphabetically the opposite of b. This does pose problems for the site and its members, as 4chan's /y/ channel is specifically dedicated to yaoi, a form of animated gay porn similar to hentai. UD has been persistently criticized and satirized for taking their parody too seriously. ED themselves refer to UD as "a gay version of us". Many UD users have in fact become what they have been parodying.

Uncyclopedia, the parody of Wikipedia, had this to say on the subject of UD:

A portmanteau in parody of ED is always welcome... but they just copied us, really; let's face it! It was our idea to branch off from Wikipedia because of strict rules then become what we were parodying ourselves. It was OUR idea!

UD was once in two languages, but the second language was deleted because it was "non-white".

Issues[edit | edit source]

In January 2008 the Icelandic international security ministry issued a national warning about Uncyclopedia Dramatica. Due to Iceland's proportionally massive gay population, Iceland believed that it was wise to warn them of the site as it "made many believe the only gay sex out there was between two cartoon Asian men fisting each other, then probably dumping on each others' chest before raping a minor... then taking drugs. And killing a rare animal." UD found this more arousing than serious and posted many, many more videos and pictures of precisely that.

Press mentions[edit | edit source]

No one mentions them in the press. Merely putting their name into a newspaper article causes one to explode then fail.