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“Today your citations, tomorrow the world!.”

~ Jimmy Wales, moments before doubling over with evil laughter.

“Dude... are those my articles?”

~ Wikitravel on Wikivoyage

“They're yours? Oh right, I errm... found them on the, umm, floor... Yeah.”

~ Wikivoyage, sweating profusely.

Wikivoyage is Wikipedia's latest stab at world domination. Compiled by Jimbo Wales' extended family, who stretch to all corners of the earth, the project subliminally encourages the burning of all traditional travel guides.

In theory[edit | edit source]

In theory Wikivoyage will help travelers get to their destinations more quickly by supplying them with detailed information regarding the locations of nearby hotels, airports, restaurants, embassies, and all other such helpful venues.

In reality[edit | edit source]

In reality Wikivoyage is nothing more than a soapbox for rich, spoiled tourists to gripe and complain about how lousy their vacation was. Oh, no! The maitre d' got my order wrong! Oh, no! The valet stole all my loose change! Why oh why didn't we just go to Palm Springs like we originally planned?