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MascotGuy is WAS an infamous Wikipedia troll that created an enormously large number of sockpuppets. Almost as many as Grawp. His specialty is false information and creating hoax pages. He was active from September 2004 to September 2012, approximately 8 fucking years. During his vandalism spree, his actions and violations were deemed odd by Wikipedo administrators. He is the most prolific long-term vandal on Wikipedia's shitlist.

Modus Operandi[edit | edit source]

MascotGuy, in all his glory, would resurrect articles from the dead, cut and paste TOC shit, and would add bogus information on articles focusing on cartoon programs. The fact that his determination caused him to create OVER 1,000 ACCOUNTS, this really pissed off the admins and anti-vandal team members. Often times he will create sockpuppet accounts, but not actually make any edits with said accounts, only to leave them sleeping like sick sheep. Apparently he was a nuisance on a website called, along with several other Wikis (Disney Wiki, Muppets Wiki, et cetera.) MascotGuy did this for the lulz.

“He's editing from a university? That tears it for me. This monkey has been playing us for fools for far too long now. I'll request a checkuser ASAP. It's high time this plug gets pulled.”

~ PMDrive1061, expressing butthurt.

Sometimes MascotGuy will tag his OWN sockpuppets claiming that the account is blocked.

Pattern in usernames[edit | edit source]

MascotGuy has been proven to show extreme creativity and illogical wackiness in creating names for his sockpuppets, here is a full list of all most of his known accounts. Some of his naming patterns include:

  • Adding "Guy" to the end of a name (e.g. No Rules Guy, Negative Guy, Sonic Boom Guy.)
  • Creating two antithesis's and adding "vs." in between the two nouns (e.g. Always vs. Never, Oh Yeah! vs. Oh No!, Good vs. Bad, etc.)
  • Adding "5000" to the end of a username like an Assburger would. (Examples: American SuperVision 5000, Mr. Audioline's VideoVision 5000, Sir Wolfe's Technic Virus 5000.)
  • Adding "Glowball" to the end of a username (e.g. Baby Poof's Glowball, Casper's Glowball, Sega's Glowball.)

There are dozens of other naming variations, but only a Cheese-flavored, anthropomorphic, lollipop could actually be bothered adding them to the nonsensical list.

MascotGuy IRL![edit | edit source]

Apparently one of the Wikipedia administrators was able to contact MascotGuy's mother via; in which she claimed her son was Autistic. This woman was apparently a retired school teacher, who compared the vandal to Rain Man. Apparently his birth name is Derek. Throughout the exchange of emails and conversations, the supposed "mother" replied defensively in regards to her son's long-term damage, claiming that she did not want to disable his "only means of contact to the outside world". Derek finally surrendered in September 2012, he has never been known to have flashed his Glowballs on the website since his unfortunate retirement. Rest in peace.

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