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This article has been approved by thæ council of Encyclopædia Dramatica.
A grapheme for the lulz.

Encyclopædia Dramatica (also known as LOL THÆ AWESOMEST WIKI EVAR!!!1!) is an encyclopedia of all things 1337 including teh awesum leet stuffz that iz 2 cool for j00 liek mudkipz & goatsæ & trolling lool.

Encyclopædia Dramatica is the one and only ED. Though people often associate Encyclopædia Dramatica with ED, they are both the same. ED in fact does not stand for "Erectile Dysfunction." It is believed many users of ED (Encyclopædia Dramatica) could suffer from ED; but those are only n00bs ya rly. UNCYCLOPEDIA SUCKS COKCS!!!!

What Controversy? There was no controversy except among rætards lol[edit | edit source]

Encyclopædia Dramatica has had numerous fingers and the occasional pizza slice pointed at it for its awesomeness, of which has been seen to include images of awesum stuffz liek goatse which you are a n00b if u can't handle. Dramatica has already been sanctioned numerous times by the Grand High Government of Intarwebz, but haz won everytime. Think about it: we were taken down and replaced with OhInternet, and BAM! two mirror sites came up in its place! Ha! Take that, Illogicopædia and your Roberto errors!

AtomicJoe, the world's awesomest person evar!!!

ED is infamous for its awesum use of the still great word which only becæm great becuse of us: "Lulz."

Irrelevant yet relatively subtle anti-ED rant, copied from Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

XD were putting goatse in this section for teh lulz


What’s up with that æ thing?[edit | edit source]

It's the secret to our lulz n00b!

ED is alive!!![edit | edit source]

“ED got far, far awesomer and ended up being too awesome for ur pedobear pants as a result.”

~ Some idiot

On April 9, 2011, ED was taken down “for maintenance.” On April 14, 2011, ED was officially shut down and replaced with a bland, sanitized clone with absolutely no lulz!
This was met with longtime suffering, with governments of no nations declaring a month-long weeping period to commemorate the death of the planet's awesomest website which is still up and running thank you very much lozers.

OhInternet[edit | edit source]

ED has now been cleansed of all its awesomeness and reborn as OhInternet. BUT THERE'S NOW TEH MIRROR SITES ENCYCLOPEDIADRAMATICA.CH AND LURKMOARPEDIA.COM AND THEY BOTH HAVE MORE LULZ THAN TEH ORIGINAL WOOOO! even though both of them are as defunct and unpopular as Nupedia and Wackypedia They both have moar active recent changes than your wiki, with your retarded "This wiki has a problem" errors.

Gallery for teh lulz[edit | edit source]

More EDness[edit | edit source]



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