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Whiskymedia Foundation also known as "Wikimedia Foundation", "Jimboland" or "The Legion of Doom" is the most evil bar ever, Founded by Jimbo Wales in 7945 to sell his artificial shoe flavoured Whisky and also to make more Wikiprojects because why not?

Whiskymedia Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Wikipedia- We all know this bad guy, Wikipedia is a- [citation needed]
  • Wiktionary- This project was created because Jimmy wanted to create his own words and then create his own alphabet to control the world.
  • Wikibooks- A collection of evil books that contain a lot of black magic, burn them for the love of love.
  • Wikiquote-

    “Eat my duck”

    ~ Jimbo Wales on why he created Whiskyquack
  • Wikivoyage- A guide to make people travel to Jimboland and also to send their enemies to the worst place ever.
  • Wikisouce- "Once upon a time there was a kid named you then he met an alien iceberg who said JOIN WHISKYSAUCE NOW"
  • Wikimedia Commons - A Project to collect all the Wikipedia porn photos ever existed.
  • Wikispecies- The Whiskyspicy Erectus is a type of evil starfish that eats banned wikipedians for breakfast, and also candy canes.
  • Wikinews- Fake news created to make people think that the earth is a sphere (we all know the earth is banana-shaped).
  • Wikiversity- You don't want to study here, Trust Me.
  • WikiLeaks- Not even Wikipedia love this dude now becuase he cheated WP with some ecuadorian named Julian Assange.
  • Wikidata- Whiskydatass is something.
  • Meta-Wiki- Meth-Whisky is something.
  • MediaWiki- MedicWhisky is something.
  • Wikitech- Whiskyflesh is something.
  • Wikimedia Incubator- Wikipedia layed an egg and that egg is called In-cuba-tor because is a cuban egg.

Wikimania[edit | edit source]

Wikimania is a ritual made by Wikipedians to call the soul of their god Jimbo and every wikipedian from all the world goes there to have a sandwich made by Jimmy itself.