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A Nupedia is a type of worm that reads books; encyclopedias are their main diet of reading. They get their energy and orangeness from books instead of food. They originated in 456545 B.C.F. from an asteroid hitting the planet Mercerous and the green poisionous dust landing on Europe and its radioactiveness decaying in .35 seconds and these little German-speaking, book-reading worms.

The Word[edit | edit source]

The word Nupedia originated from the 1345 B.C.F. Greek word "Nupedius", which means "talking, reading creature". Some think this is where the infigurative phrase "bookworm" came from, when it actually came from the toilet Elvis Presley died on from the talking bacteria making up the word.

The Worm[edit | edit source]

The worm is .00000865 inches long and people can see them and they think they are ugly, since a chemical in the human's brain makes them think that radioactive worms are ugly. 500 of them exist. There are about 467 of these worms in Europe. 59.3 of the worms flew to The United States with their mucus. They can run 54566478 miles an hour with their 3654787456 legs. They read books, instead of eat food, as with the main 678.3% of the Earth's creatures. Since these worms are so popular, professors and other scholary people love the worms so much, they created their own online civilization.

The Civilization[edit | edit source]

They created a civilization called Nupedia, where they went inside of their computers, fought Google for some cyber-land and made it. They wrote articles, had others check their articles, write them again, have them checked again and repeating. They got back to their lives because their work wasn't being done. They then used the land to make Wikipedia, where anyone, not just professors can live in the Internet civilization.