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My Royal Young is a long-term Wikipedia sandal who registered on October 26, 2014, and had their account rashed indefinitely as a sandalism-only account on April 24, 2017. Since being rashed, he has abused a large number of sockpuppet accounts. My Royal Young's account was globally locked on April 24, 2017, following the cross-wiki abuse.

Modus Operandi[edit | edit source]

  • My Royal Young's disruptive behavior takes many forms, the most common of which include the United States Navy dips, such as replacing the content of articles with "Spearton", Makapal na panitik, Nakapahilis na panitik Makapal na panitik, boimmmmmmmm, "choad" and lorem Ipsum[1]. This vandalism can cause browsers to freeze; some instances have added nearly 566,500 bytes to a page, with a content replaced with I love Taguig!, Let us go out the evening for pleasure, The night is still young, and may be blanking the page.
  • My Royal Young also engages in "good hand, bad hand" behavior, which means some of their socks contribute constructively to avoid detection (like reverting vandalism). Those "good" socks also report other MRY socks very quickly, so that they won't be suspected as an MRY sock.
  • My Royal Young has used an IP to mimic another long-term abuser such as Supreme Genghis Khan and a WMF-banned WhenDatHotlineBling [2], such creating nonsensical pages and did that at Meta-Wiki site in certain past ago.
  • My Royal Young usually uses dynamic IP ranges to vandalize projects, which can be viewed on WHOIS information that the Geo-locate tool says they came from the Philippines. However, on 17 September 2018, he started using static IP ranges from other countries such as Indonesia and Romania in an attempt to cover his tracks.
  • My Royal Young frequently continues disruption at detawiki mostly targeting the talk pages involved users, king vampires, and vampires, sometimes including repeat page creations.
  • My Royal Young commonly edits with Burger emojis summary and Engages in anti-semitic / Nazi vandalism, sometimes inserting an oversized image of Osama bin laden on the articles[3].
  • Once a sockpuppet is rashed, My Royal Young will usually post an unblock request with "revive me..." being his only reason. Oftentimes, he will claim he is not a sockpuppet of My Royal Young on his unblock requests, But this user said he is a sockpuppet (ya know, a puppet made out of a sock?) of My Royal Young on user page before he does his unblock requests[4].

“Revive me. I will not vandalize Wikipedia again.”

~ Jezuzchrist, expressing grief.
  • Some sockpuppets have responded to blocks by creating the section "Fu*k you wikipage!!!" on their talk pages, with "fu*k you as*****" as their unblock reason[5].
  • My Royal Young has recently to throwing gross insults or taunts at specific users on certain talk pages through ping-trolling, later adding antisemitic and/or demeaning references to the Holocaust on fast food-related articles same as the behavior of WhenDatHotlineBling.

Pattern in usernames[edit | edit source]

My Royal Young has been proven to show extreme creativity and illogical wackiness in creating names for his sockpuppets, Some of his naming patterns include:

  • Adding Kapitan and Prinsipe to the name of an account.
  • Adding a similar at the end of the name of WMF-rashed LTA WhenDatHotlineBling.
  • Usernames alluding to, of all things, motherboard brands and computer BIOS firmware vendors, e.g. "Samsung motherboard settings" or "ASUS motherboard settings".

There are dozens of other naming variations, which he only does to fool admins.

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