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Look into the crystal ball that is Wikipedia.

Do you look ahead at your life and see nothing but a chain of indecisiveness and boredom?

Do you know you need to make changes to yourself to make your life more interesting, more relaxing, and in general less mediocre and dull than it is now?

Do you lack the intellectual capacity or the required number of brain cells to think independently, and would like an easy way to quickly map out a road to fame, fortune, or at least Sex?

Then perhaps you need to WIKIPEDIA YOUR DESTINY!

And yes, I know "wikipedia" isn't a verb. But nonetheless, you need to wikipedia your destiny. How?

How to do it[edit | edit source]

It's simple. Go to, and select the language of your choice. Then, click "random article".

Carefully read the page that you landed on. This page will now become the basis of your destiny. If the page is describing a place, move to that place. If the page is describing a car, get a job working for the company that makes those cars. If the page is describing a rare, tropical disease, get infected with that disease.

Yes sir, Wikipedia-ing your destiny is an easy way to get your life on a different track, but it doesn't require any of that tiresome "thinking." For even more interesting results, click random page TWICE, and blend the two subjects together into an even more complex life. For instance, if you land on "Buick Electra" and "Takahiro Yokomichi," then you should spend the rest of your life working for General Motors making Buick Electras, and make Takahiro Yokomichi your hero.

So don't spend all your time sitting around, waiting for something interesting to happen to you--go to Wikipedia, and start mapping out a new destiny, TODAY!!!

The preceding was a public service announcement by the ALA (American Lobotomy Association).

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