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UnAnything is a dumpster of the stuff that was too unfunny for Uncle Pete and too (somehow) logical for here. It looks crappy because Wikia forced Oasis on it, and its contents are the same, mostly consisting of crappy humor about video games.


  • Chuck Norris facts (unfunny old meme).
  • Use of a stolen quote template.
  • Crappy anti-Barney humor from GeoShitties sites with the target changed to the Teletubbies.
  • "WaGuys" (abuse of the negative color effect).
  • "Grand Theft Sesame Street" (shitty crossovers).
  • Several ripoffs of Uncle Pete's "Grue" template with the evil creature changed.
  • Amogus (especially on the Discord, although that probably applies to most Discords these days)