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“What if we tried to make a spinoff of a spinoff of old Uncle Pete?”

~ The UnAnything Founder
UnAnything Logo.svg

UnAnything is the dumpster fire of the stuff that was both too unfunny for Uncle Pete, yet (somehow) too logical for here. It's the ugly stepsister of the Uncyclopedia family. It looks crappy because Wikia forced Fandomdesktop onto it, and its contents equally reflect its shabby look, consisting of lame jokes about "shames" (Yeah they tried to make their own version of a vidja game thinking they're special) both real and fake, both failing at being unique and Fantendo at the same time. Their image edits aren't nearly as creative or funny as the rest of the family's. UnAnything also has a mascot called Captain 0, and a Wario-esque anti-mascot called Captain 1, both of them look like they were made in Microsoft Paint.

Founding[edit | edit source]

Now kids, all landfills start from just a few cans, but where did this one start? The answer is in the downfall of UnMario, once a beloved descendant of Uncyclopedia fell into ruin by these little bastards. They appropriated what was obviously a spoof on Super Mario into being about everything (You know, like every other Wikipedia parody out there.) with the reason being they just weren't content on being an anti-mario spoof. Not knowing their place in The Wikisphere, they injected their blood with Nyan Cat and it ran cold. When the people of UnMario realized what was going on and wanted to keep UnMario from being derailed into nothingness, war broke out, but the ripoff was the one to succeed once they branched off.

In-jokes[edit | edit source]

They have a lot of weird obsessions with stuff that has nothing to do with anything (hence the name.) Here's just a few of them:

  • Chuck Norris facts (old unfunny meme)
  • Over 9000 (ancient unfunny meme)
  • "The Undefeatables" (their tag-team of mary-sue stupidheroes)
  • Crappy anti-Barney humor from GeoShitties sites with the target changed to the Teletubbies (and also Barney)
  • "Wa-Guys" (abuse of the negative color effect)
  • "Grand Theft Sesame Street" (shitty crossovers)
  • "Call of Ducky" (shitty crossovers with OCS)
  • Several ripoffs of Uncle Pete's "Grue" template with the evil creature changed, usually to Goombas or King K. Rool
  • Too many Sonic OCs Sonic.EXE clones
  • Amogus
  • Boohbahs and Boohbah OCs

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