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Dancing psycho.gif

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why does thsi even exist


i shouldnt exist

Today's Featured Vandalism

It NO nut NoveMber! we cant do almondsssssss ;;;;;;(((((




why 2 electric boogaloo Testicle

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Seemed like a good idea at the time

poopy - Sun Tzu

kill john lennon, owo john notdoppler

gibber, fibber, I hate giggers, we see Peter, he's a drug dealer, banana peeler, experienced feeler, Bandit Heeler, what about wheeler? I don't know either, and me neither, I am the leader, I know the speeder, he is a yeeter, yeet to the sun, I have to run, Jane has a gun, I see bubble gum, captain Morgan spiced rum, HAHA CUM! jam becomes jum, I have just begun, I am having fun, this is not a pun, she has a large bum, I can see the scum, what about the sum?

ADDED MY MAD GIBBER. Where's my trophy? I think my mad gibber is the best. If it's not, well, uhmmm... guess I'll live with it. That makes me wonder who has the best gibber-- and WHERE THEY ARE. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Please do not salivate at the expense of others.

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a


Salivary!!!! yeah here's some cashier rap:

Yeah hello im a casheir
I love eateing stuff to eat
Yeah yeah yeah im the best
I give kids discount 0.1 percent

Woo yeah nobody can do anything to me
Because i am the local cashier
I scan products and request money back
becuse i am a freaking six pack

Everybody knows me from the shop
There is nobidy who can stop
Because i am the flippong best
You can put me on tge test

Yeah bro i am the nicest cashier
I aleays manage to get money here
People pay me and they dont run
Becase paying tk me is fun (real fun)

Yeahhhhhhhhh oooo
Yeahhhhhhhhh oooo
Yeahhhhhhhhh oooo
Yeahhhhhhhhh oooo

END OF SONG!!! hope you like guys!!

Miraheze ISO!!!!!!

Cis-trans isomerase

gusy gusy guys did you knwo that 3+7 isnt; 22>>>> LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOLO haha ISO very funy iso


Æ ths s ntfctn fr sr:txwrm

“Uh, whoever smelt it dealt it?”

Randumb lol

salted in hash conditions boi

uh oh

stinky stinky

poopy funny poopy ahahahahhahahaha

I love Christelle so much she is the best THE DISASTERCAT HAS APPROVED THIS MESSAGE

Democraps lol repooplicans lolollololololol


I am really going to try to make this a forced meme.

A firm line must be drawn. Here it is:

Confused? PICKLES!
Frogs have no penus, like you Alternatively, you may try to use other meeps and cookies to solve all your problems. But I would only recommend those cookies if you are really like Stalin deep down inside. Your innards, if they are not of steel, may be better suited to the method of meeping, beeping, and weeping until you have arrived at the ultimate solution, or it has arrived at you.

New Article

Micelaasdl hoeas a yoir doggg..,. i enend dawo0g /food] miscleal../., eha jow tp close a apadraaraaa dghpf oHES JAS HOW ROSx CLSOCE QQQǃǃǃǃǃǃǃǃǃǃ12 dk gransfmang sinfg offs.////// lorm fgramstank ;'] heaea irts a smiel cfafers HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAA mamagramn sing ooss;7


LOGA1(B-10 ) Helo diary . my docto told me too wrote a diary to let out my felings. I think it is stupid and all my freinds are unencumbered due to the fact they are parsimonious bellwethers who are somehow aso saxicolous sesquipedalians. Dumbies. I hate everone.

LOGA1(B-10.1) Why does everyon hate me. It is becuse i weird isnt it goad. I hate you. I thindk my freind tomochan hasissue with me. I heate her to. She said youre cloths is ugly an stupit. I'm cry.

LOGA1(B-10.01) i'm so hapy becuse my friemd Tomochan invitd me too the store yeay . i wil tell my doctor about this day.I ent home and eat and slee. gooniht diarahy.

LOGA1(B-10.001) I want to hit tomocan with a rock . she slashed water in ym face becuse im wierd god ihate toomochan and kyokocban . i wanr too with them and rocks . boo hooo iam cryng. I willl talk two papa anout my navi i want a knew one. Olso a navi is liek a komnopter ok buy it id liek s asmall ine small on 1 ok plas buuy 4 mi //.

LOGA1(B-11) I am goin to kill momoko withh a hammer.. She is bitch. I hoap you burn in hell momoko .

LOGA1(B-1111111111) Why do momoko hate me i didt evn do anything . :((((((( i am weird dairy ;D god hates me sayd my sister . she is ronhg . Fjuk her face !

LOGA1(STEAK-SAUCE) Deer dairy if i dddddddooon r repond in afew dahys the n do not gib a dam ok bi. I knead to got o teh churc o. O k

LOGB(A-10) Nya! Nyaaaaa!!! NYA!!!1 NYsa…! Ny NYAQ!11111 NYAAAAAAA nyaaaaaaaaaaaaBobo (talk) NYa nya nyanyabaybanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanaynaynaynayanyanyanya! MEowurrrr prrr prrrrrrrrr; pr nyaaaaa!!!!1!!!.... Then I said to them, “You see the bad situation that we are in—how Jerusalem is desolate and lies in ruins and its gates have been burned with fire. Come, and let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, so that we will no longer be a disgrace.” 18Then I told them how the hand of my God had been favorable to me and also about the words that the king had spoken to me. And they said, “Let us rise up and build.” Nya PRAISE JESUS! PRAIDE HESUS! Prias gesus neris jesis yeahhhhhahhahahaahhahahhhhhh1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !11!!!

LOGA(B-2) Dre dire iah have beajn band forme cjruch . :( lOE TOLE RANTs FORE E AUAtISMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SSHPO WHAY IS I KANT GO :nYA “ in CKRUNCH ?/ WHAT EVIN In THE fRIT hguys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!11111111

Lain reference there?

Lainpilled? Yeah I'm lain on my bed. I'm snoozecore and slumpercelled with a nightcap and candle to get a good nights sleep. Honk mimimimimimimi (Yes ː3)

I think you knew what I meant.

Thiès iès why weè caènt haève nièceè thièngs. Ièt's juèst noèt rièght.

== Whad it love fack]] oneve mategormake the drit you mon! The writticonlyin occand yeas poing th deate that now Ill, your itting day ully whad way upt may ne feeperefee moselin article ther.

“Did you know that there are over 350 billion grieving people around the world? Woooooow!”

~ Dr. GUuH, just like Dr. DUuH, but more difficult

Uncyclopædia Spunch bobia XD

Little update

Wikipedia be like: An editor has asked for quick deletion of this page. The reason for quick deletion is:

G2 (test page)


“that nerd is drunk”

Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png
Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png
Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png
Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png
Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH.png Doctor DUuH 19:35, 29 Octodest 2022 (UTC)
I don't know whether i have been far as want to go look more like Windows 8 is the best one - SpaceR

snap back to reality

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