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Illogicopedia.urgh is IllogiBlogs's official anti-mirror. It is named after the noise people make when they read articles there and the vocal expression of being punched in the gut, the physical equivalent of the pain one feels when they discover it isn't Uncyclopedia.

Summary[edit | edit source]

  /-----------|    |
 /-/      |-|     / |
 |-|      |-|    /  |
 |-|      |-|<-----\
 |-|      |-|  /  \-\
 \-\      |-| /   |-|
  \------>|-|/   /|-|
          |-|   / |-|
 /--------|-|  / /-/
 |        |-| / /-/
The official logo of the anti-mirror site.

The site was registered on June 16th, 2011 by Testostrich. It was first used as a basic "scratchpad", but in early 2010 it adopted a better use: A back-up site for when the nasty Roberto has decided to DDoS the main site. Roberto does not know of this site, but the site does have a tendency to be very slow for technical reasons. The site is only known by the same people who use #Illogicopedia_cupboard, only known by about 5 people, and is also under wraps, and not to be talked about AT ALL. The site has an Alexa rank of95,579,0.5.

Actual purpose[edit | edit source]

Back to the actual website. Now you might think that this mirror has a slightly evil presence to it, seeing as it's an anti-mirror and all. Not true - in fact, it was actually intended as a scratching-about and generally extremely off-topic site for the IllogiBlog editors. You may think that it is rather pointless, considering they could just do it on userspace on ( as long as it wasn't against the Flying Spaghetti Monster ), but it may really surprise you to know this domain was first registered in December 2004. However, the local server was then deleted, and it wasn't ressurected until June 2008 where it could actually serve a purpose.