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Endgame is a videogame developed in 1856 by Unicouch. It was heavily criticized at release for being a 4D game. Everybody had moved to 789D Gaming at this point.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Endgame is split into three sections: a puzzle section, a rythm section and a trippy section.

Puzzle Section[edit | edit source]

The puzzle section plays like a sliding puzzle except the background to the sliding puzzle is an image of an old lady's hand dipped in butter. The difference this makes to the gameplay is simple: It will allow you to hack into your own mind and eat it away from the inside.

Rythm Section[edit | edit source]

You guide a piece of buttery toast into a bin to the beat of some dabstep music. Occasionally the buttery toast 'overloads' and you end up controlling a psychic train trying to solve a murder to the beat of some really nice Jazz for three minutes.

Trippy Section[edit | edit source]

You guide a person on a waterslide which is high on DMT and try to stop him from entering the collective subconscious. If the player fails, The person on the waterslide dies three seconds later due to spontaneous combustion.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A man called Ernesto wonders what life would be like if the world was flat. The next morning, a government agent uses psychotherapy to make Ernesto believe that he is a piece of buttery toast. All the scenarios in the game are just parts of Ernesto's subconscious.

Release[edit | edit source]

It was first released with a cuddly toy Panda. People complained when the Panda died. It sold 2 copies in it's first year. It sold 20 copies just after the developers died.

Reception[edit | edit source]

"It's OK, I guess" was the quote emblazoned on the cover. The quote was written by 7654ghhyygutyguygiuyt6T^&r^t&u^tU6U magazine. Other than that the game got terrible reception. Critics criticized it for it's lack of redberries.