Cole Phelps

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“I’m sorry to have to tell you this, little girl, but your mother has been raped and murdered. By the way, do you have an alibi for last night?”

“If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from? It would take a smarter man then me to correct this.”

~ Cole Phelps, super sleuth.

Cole Phelps is the central character and the main protagonist in the video game L Period A Period Noire. He works for the Los Angeles Police Department.

The partners of Cole Phelps[edit | edit source]

  • Ralph Dunn: The first in a long line of do-nothing partners. Dunn looks like a tub of margarine and is about as smart as a suitcase full of shoehorns.
  • Stefan Bekowsky: A Polish guy who spends more time pissing into the wind than solving any crimes. He is a total waste of tax payer money.
  • Finbarr “Rusty” Galloway: Basically Ernest Hemingway sans the literary talent.
  • Roy Earle: Being a thoroughly corrupt cop in every way possible, Roy is more interesting in ingesting drugs and getting kickbacks than pulling criminals off the streets. He is also a racist misogynist but since this is the 1904s no one really seems to care.
  • Herschel Biggs: An old timer from the old school, Biggs spends his days picking through charred bodies while trying to solve arson cases.

How to solve crimes like Cole Phelps[edit | edit source]

  • When you arrived at the scene of the crime, make sure to touch every single piece of evidence with your bare hands.
  • If a person blinks, they're lying.
  • When running through crossfire, always make sure to casually adjust your hat.
  • Threaten to send everyone to the gas chamber.
  • If a person's face twitches, he's telling the truth.
  • When apprehending a suspect, make sure to announce your presence when you are a good 30 feet away from him, thus giving him ample time to run away from you.
  • When interrogating a suspect, make sure to yell at them for no particular reason at all.
  • Running people over with your car is okay, but only if you have the siren on.
  • Treat your partner like your personal chauffeur.
  • If he lives in apartment 2, he's a criminal.
  • If he wears a size 8 shoe, he's a serial killer.

Phelps in action[edit | edit source]