Duck Hunt

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Duck Hunt is a 1984 video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System created by biblical genius Moses in which is to go against animal cruelty, thus the game is supported by the ASPCA. It features you as Chuck Norris shooting immortal ducks and then missing, then running out of bullets. After that, some stray dog comes along and tells you that you lost.

History[edit | edit source]

Moses created Duck Hunt during the Passover and sold it to Nintendo. They tried to sell it as a standalone game, but it sold poorly. So then, Nintendo bundled it with Super Mario Bros. and it sold even worse, despite SMB being a "quality" game. While Duck Hunt did not sell well commercially, gangs in Detroit love using the Zappers used to miss the ducks and point them at little kids.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

The New York Times said that Duck Hunt "is a useless part of society and is a waste of natural resources such as bacon fat". This has been disputed, but as a general idea, this idea is supported by most Americans as they refuse to play Duck Hunt.