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du du DU du

WARNING: this section may contain spoilers.
Approach with extreme caution, unless you know what's coming.
Contains spoilers for: Undertale
Annoying Dog sprite.gif

H u m a n. D o n ' t y o u k n o w h o w t o g r e e t a n e w p a l ? T u r n a r o u n d a n d s h a k e m y h a n d .


* You turn around and shake his hand.


* You hear a whoopee cushion sound.


heh. the old whoopee cushion in the hand trick. its ALWAYS funny.

how to discover sans[edit | edit source]

1. go upon pillars of salt and pillars of salt and pillars of salt 2. funny

megalovania[edit | edit source]

funn y song

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