Angry Birds

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“Why are the birds angry? Why couldn't they just have had Happy Birds? Allahu ackbar.”

~ Ismail ibn Musa Menk


BIRD IS THE WORD[edit | edit source]

Red[edit | edit source]

normal birdy

The Blues[edit | edit source]

triplet birdy

Chuck[edit | edit source]

sanic birdy

Bomb[edit | edit source]

exploding birdy

Matilda[edit | edit source]

egg birdy

Hal[edit | edit source]

boomerang birdy

Terence[edit | edit source]

super birdy

Bubbles[edit | edit source]

balloon birdy

Stella[edit | edit source]

bubbly birdy

Mighty Eagle[edit | edit source]

One night I could not take it any more. My razor I from my dresser grabbèd, and opened my left wrist, with my closed right, that writing right which now wrote “FIN” in great red letters, upon my walls and clothing. And so here I am. The cell you’ve put me in sits empty, aside from this lone tomb. Oh my Lord, my King, in fear I cast you away, but you shall be returned, your throne shall be restored, and I shall end your exile. Oh my Lord, my King, will you not reclaim your place at the head? In ruin there is pride, in sorrow there is hope. The King shall return as the seven stars revolve. He must.