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Basically this.

Downloadable content also known as DLC is a vast conspiracy designed to extort money from people who have bought video games by threatening to inform their grandmothers that they have bought video games that are not approved of by Jack Thompson, Jesus or Jack Black. In this extortion scheme, thousands of dollars are blackmailed out of about three different and distinct people who actually are nerdy enough to buy DLC but not nerdy enough to pirate it instead.

Some DLC actually puts up a front or pretense of actually providing some content via a download and this content is usually in the form of alternative level designs that differ from fan-created ones in a purely cosmetic way, alternative costumes for characters or other graphics of a purely cosmetic nature or in the case of music games, crappy '80s metal songs by musicians with talents of a purely cosmetic nature.[1]

No one has any real use for any downloadable content ever. In fact, they should turn off the Internet simply in order to stop downloadable content.

  1. An ability to put ugly makeup on ala KISS)