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Roblox is a cheap knock-off of Lego. Wanna hear a secret? The reason Roblox is so cheap is because they substitute plastic with electrons.

“Uff da! Ve ar Norvegians and ve ar much better than those stupid Danish Legos.”

~ Roblox on dying in Roblox


“Yeah, that's the joke.”

Furthermore, Minecraft mine block things are just Roblox with a different skin.

"Why is the FBI here?"[edit | edit source]


"To learn."[1]

"So what should I do with them? They're just standing outside the front door."

"Did they bring gifts?"

"They say they have some donuts in their patrol car."

"Fine. Tell them to do the same thing for the next 99 days. Oh, and to bring better gifts. It's already 3 PM."

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