John Romero

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The great John Romero doing some light "research."

John Romero is simply the most awesome person in the history of ever. The only possible rival he might have is William Shatner, but rumor has it, they might actually turn out to in fact be the same person. Anyway, Romero, along with his pet robot John Carmack, created the most awesome vidja games in the history of ever. First, they created Commander Keen with help from the gay pedophile[1] Tom Hall and then they created Wolf 3D with the help of Adolf Hitler and then they created DooM with the help of Satan, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica. Then they went on to create Quake as a solo project, all on their own with absolutely no help from anybody else at all. After that came Quake 2 and then Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis broke up the band.

  1. Well, at least, that's how he was presented in Masters of Doom; The Animated Series. On reflection, that may not have been the most accurate source of information.