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“It's like a regular Nintendo, only with superpowers!”

~ Link

The Super Nintendo is a grey heathen box invented by the Japanese Imperialists at Nintendo back in MCMXCI to brainwash kids into believing they are fat Italian plumbers. It was replaced by the Nintendo LXIV (written in Islamic numerals by Nintendo) which was capable of producing III-D images.

The Super Nintendo is notable mainly by XV year old effeminate so-called Gentleman (who in reality is nothing more than a Boy) and losers who speak the English of the Colonies or some other heathen language like Arabic, French, Danish, or Sign Language. This box of evil is known for producing shames such as Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, and Booogerman. Nintendhack also produced a furry rodent for their shame called Mario Paint None other a source than Wikipedia can describe every one of these shames in detail.

In summary, if you see one of these in a pawn shop, cast the demon out.

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