Watch Doges

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“Whose a good game? Whose a good game? You are! Yes, you are!”

~ The Game Whisperer
Playable on your X-Bone, of course.

Watch Doges is a popular video game about a technology savvy dog running loose in the streets of Chicago.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Watch Doges tells the exciting story of Aiden Pinscher, a once good dog pushed too far. After his entire litter of puppies is run over by a milk truck, Aiden spends the rest of his life doing whatever it takes to bring the driver to justice.

Critical reaction[edit | edit source]

Game Informer said that the gameplay was pretty ruff, but that the plot had a lot of bite to it.

Bad Bloodhound[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the game was released a downloadable spin-off was released called Bad Bloodhound. In this game players assume the role of Milk-Bone, a grizzled and cynical old bloodhound looking to pull off one last adventure before being shipped out to the farm.