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One of Many Covers for the Video Game.

“Do you have an Ice Cream?"
"No why?"
"U r D3 idi0t"

~ Two Complete Idiots accusing each other of being Idiots.[1]

Kevin Rudd is the video game based on the Global Financial Crisis and the current war raging in Iraq. Kevin moves himself to America and soon after discovers that Barack Obama has been taken hostage by Osama Bin Laden, and is forced to take control of two countries, meaning hell for both of them. Kevin is forced to move back to Australia, when Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California and certified bad ass takes control, granting Kevin enough time to get his Wife and children away from Australia and accidentally introducing Swine Flu into Australia. The story then moves into the future three years later where Kevin is placed in Iraq, an M4 by his side and an Arab in his hand. You take control of Kevin as he ventures through Iraq to save Barack Obama (Derick Obama).

Confirmed Characters[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

List of Known Weapons

  • Hand To hand combat
  • Picket Fence
  • The 'laugh' (A Kevin Rudd only special attack)
  • George Bush's Bush
  • Black Power
  • Evil Grin (Another Kevin Rudd special attack)
  • Mandarin Supplies (pronounced as "Surprise") (Also another Kevin Rudd special attack)
  • Detailed Programmatic Specificity

Super Powers[edit | edit source]

There are many speculative rumours suggesting that Kevin Rudd will also possess in-game super powers which will help aide the player in killing suspected terrorists throughout the course of the game.

The special power 'the laugh' has been confirmed to be in the first instalment of the game, as well as the 'Mandarin Supplies' attack too. Other super powers are rumoured to be in development and will be available in future expansion packs for the game, the first being released 6 months after the games release date.

The Australian version will have certain aspects edited out to satisfy Australia M15+ rating, as it is too scared to have an R18+ for games, even though New Zealand does.

The following super powers will not make the final Australian version to satisfy the M15+ game rating: 'Rusty hook', 'Banning gay marriage super attack' and 'Strip club visit'.

Cost[edit | edit source]

The complete cost of the game was about three million dollars. This was until the directors and designers decided that they needed to cut the cost down a small amount to fit in with their budget. The cost once brought down came to Ninety dollars and thirty five cents. The reason that the games price was cut to such a short amount is the Company of production had to result to using pictures off Google as the characters and edit movements from that. Jame F Gilligan (designer) informed us, "Don't expect anything amazing with awesome special effect's we will have no explosions or guns of the sort visible in the game, but you will get to hear sound!"

The cost of the first, three million dollar rage was going to go into the following areas of Production:

  • Sound and Visual Effects.
  • Music.
  • Cast voices.
  • Realistic game play.
  • Matrix style combat.
  • Ect.

Alternate ending[edit | edit source]

There is to be more then one ending for the game, the confirmed endings by the Staff of the game are as follows;

  1. Kevin's Death
  2. The Black guy does DIE!
  3. Obama or... Osama.

A Brief description was provided by the amazing team of the game and the descriptions are listed below;

Kevin's Death[edit | edit source]

“Well we wanted to make this game Unique, when Kevin was to die we wanted it to be the saddest moment in the game. The Death if the PM is portrayed as the following, Rudd and Osama are in combat before Rudd is kicked out a window in a cave, thats right a window in a CAVE!”

~ Kevin Rudd, cast member

The Black Guy does Die[edit | edit source]

“Alright so we said to the community that our game would not kill off any coloured people, but heres the alternate ending for all those that wanted it in the game!”

~ James Morg , Co-Director

Obama or... Osama[edit | edit source]

“Right so for this ending we got together and decided that Obama is in fact Osama in the end. Fact is he's the enemy all along, who gets full on ass raped by Kevin!”

~ David Jord, Informed Game Fan

Sequels[edit | edit source]

  • Rudd PM - (Released June 2017) - The Follow on of Kevin Rudd (Video Game).
  • Star Craft : Ultimate Politician - Set three hundred years in the future Kevin Rudd becomes Jedi Master of the Jedi Temple. (Release N/A)
  • Ruddy Recession - Based after Star Craft : Ultimate Politician, The Interactive children game teaching Students of schools about the recession. (Release N/A)

Downloadable Content / Game ADD ons / Editions[edit | edit source]

Editions[edit | edit source]

Politician Edition; Featuring an Image of Kevin Rudd on the front cover.

Aboriginal Edition; Including a grub on the front, as well as a racist joke of the following 'What do you call two abbo's in a bed?' Answer: 'Kit Kat' OR 'Whats an Abbo with dandruff' Answer: 'Lamington.' Also including the Apology speech Given to the Aboriginals.

Pope Edition; Including a bible, and a tag on the side reading 'Fuck off Christians, this game contains violence!'.

Normal Edition; Featuring several random Pokemon.

Downloadable Content[edit | edit source]

  • New Characters
  • New Weapons
  • Map Packs
  • Kevin Rudd PM - Cut Out.
  • Solja Boy action figure to be placed randomly in the game!
  • who is kevin rudd

Game Play[edit | edit source]

Kevin Rudd as Portrayed in the Video Game

There has been several sneak peaks of game play released over the time the game has been under construction. George Bo-Arse-Cracker-Jackson said "The Game play is pretty shit."

Jeff BoredCunt confirmed the game play released will be the graphics involved in the game and will be showing the levels that will be played through in the game.

Release[edit | edit source]

The realease of the game has been an issue for quite some time due to the fact of accused racial descrimitive material. The creators of the game L-GINA had nothing to say to the accusations brought to their attention until June and July of 2008 when it was confirmed that "No black people die in our game." by Karth Magnetizeballs of the art department involved with the Game. All racial accusations were dropped, though the game has now been delayed to release in 2015 due to the fact that the Global financial crisis and Swine flu actually did happen. Director of the Game, Peter Jarkusalavakiantorentomagsituispikiolrestavaginapenistothebrainhurtsalot says "We feel pretty pissed that everything we predicted to happen in the game actually happened, but what can you do Shit happens."

Come about[edit | edit source]

The come about of the game is confirmed to have been due to the fact that Kevin Rudd had won the lections for PM, people would be stupid enough to vote for him, so maybe they will be stupid enough to buy the game!

Director of Productions Juan Kwin Jeu and John So (Lord Mayor) confrimed, "We cam bout da gam for the interest of the People, We vant the gam to bi lelly goot aen stuff." though the English translation is located below:

"We came about the game for the interest of the People, we 'want' the 'game' to 'be' 'really' 'good' 'and' stuff"

Production Team[edit | edit source]

The Production team has not been released and is said to never be, some of the people involved don't want their names given out freely due to the fact the game may be in the words of all you World of Warcraft players, Phael.

The Prime Ministers Input[edit | edit source]

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd decided that he would input his voice talents as he's character; Himself. Kevin told reporters and gave reviewers, "I think i sound quite good, Hahaaaaa!" concluding with his traditional and informal laugh. Kevin has been seen in the studio's recording his lines such as, "Swanie's a wanker.", "Don't forget the chicken, Bitch i mean... Mrs. Ruddy." And of course, "What the fucks with all the aboriginals on my lawn."

Kevin has even put in some money, Nine hundred dollars to be exact to try and up the games budget. The input was later denied when the company realized that the money donated was in actual fact Hugh Jackman's, who's wallet so happened to be stolen by a exact look alike of Prime minister himself, Kevin Rudd. Currently a court case is under going to see if Kevin is innocent or Guilty (Recorded on the 5th of June, 2008).

The Result of the court case was to find Kevin Rudd not guily, and all charges have been dropped. Hugh Jackman (actor) had this to say:

"I think Kevin got off too easy."

Whilst A reporter responded with: "He wasn't charged at all, he's innocent"

Before Hugh, smashed the Reporters head into a wall, and was jailed for two days, before his immediate realize when he was assumed to have not done such a thing it was in fact a very good look alike. BULLSHIT

Rumors[edit | edit source]

Rumors have it that the games release date is in fact false and it wont be coming out at all but David Jarkz (Head of Department) begs to differ.

"You will get the privilege to play this game, as long as we stick to our budget."

The Pope before being assassinated by Kevin Rudd and Wife.

Game Tracker[edit | edit source]

A Group that we have discovered has been tracking the game for some time and all its process. It is said by the group that Kevin Rudd - PM the video game will be seen at several gamer conventions around Australia and the rest of the World. The game will not be see in the countries of South Africa, North America, Asia. The reasons for this is unknown but it is said even though not being viewed in these places in current, later on it will become a viewable game. The games release is to be entwined with the releases of a another Australian involved series Star Gate Vagina. It is unknown why the two companies decided to release on the same day but it is a respect decision by Fans and staff.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. This is completely irrelevant to anything involved in this article.