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WiiSports is that there eeeeeeeeeeeevil piece of crap that comes with the Pretendo Wee that involves exercise, which video games are not supposed to. It was invented by Bill Gates and they made it so kids would lose weight. Pretendo sold 0 copies of this piece of crap, and that probably explains why it is bundled up with the Wee, like that stupid Mario trash they tried to sell.

The Game[edit | edit source]

Obviously, as you can or can't tell by the title, WiiSports involves sporty crap. Boxing is crap where you punch in the air at some semiathletic weirdo who can't be bothered to eat a banana. Baseball doesn't exist, Football is non-athletic and will not be discussed. And the rest of the crap is uhhhhhhhhhh...

Reception[edit | edit source]

Everyone hates it.