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Runescrap logo

“Wc lvls?”

~ Dude on wc lvls...whatever those are.

“What? That's it? I've finished every (bleeeep) quest, AND THAT'S IT?! Why, I'm gonna-”

~ A player of RuneScape on finishing every (bleeeep) quest

“My rod of the summituence bequeathed to me by Vladimir of Kashmir mountain shall give me strength against the horde”

~ Typical Runescape Player foaming at the mouth at the prospect of defeating a few pixels

Have you ever heard about Runescrap? Well I am here to tell you.

(People in audience shouting "duh, this is so boring" and "whatever")

It's the NEW version of Runescrape, sorry Runescape.

That's right. You're a maid or butler trying to clean your master's loo with the crap still inside. Surprisingly I found this game quite enjoyable because you could have different types of toiletbrushes and so on.

The story line[edit | edit source]

First you start off as a NOOB

You finish the game!
Founded by 'message from HIMler code psspsps'

That's all folks. To The Moon!

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