Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

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I was lied to! It contains no Rainbows!

This game lacks Rainbows! It doesn't have one! Not a single bloody one! Let alone six! Not one! I looked! I looked long and hard! And kept getting shot in the chin! Because I only ever looked at the sky! It got annoying! I lost my patience! I kicked my TV! I hit my wife! I beat my son! I crept into our neighbours house and stabbed him whilst he slept! I stole his shotgun and went to the shopping centre! I killed 18 people there! I shot a policeman and stole his car! I went into a police station! Once in I killed them all! I drove the car along a pavement! It was packed with pedestrians!

They all died! I suddenly had a machine gun! My wanted level was through the roof! A helicopter arrived and shredded my car with automatic fire! I dived out! I was hounded by a tank! playing GTA... where the hell is Rainbow Six?


I don't even own Rainbow Six...silly me :P