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Captain Falcon is a muscular Japanese man who may have punched someone once in his life. He is fond of the phrase "Show me your moves", however, as the word "moves" sounds like "boobs" to the inattentive ear, some people suspect him of being perverted.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Captain Falcon's childhood can be best described by taking the entire transcript of the novel "The Great Gatsby" and replacing the name of every character with "Captain Falcon".

His name was actually Douglas, but he thought Douglas was a stupid name.

Notable Acheivements[edit | edit source]

• As previously stated, he may have punched someone once in his life, although some experts alledge that it was more of a slap.

• He can afford to dress the way he does.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Captain Falcon's wife died in childbirth with their firstborn child, who was a stillborn, and he never remarried. Most of Captain Falcon's close friends have the same first name as him, such as Captain Kirk, Captain John Luc Picard, and Captain Haddock. During their bimonthly drinking, poker and darts excursions, the four "refer to each other by [their] last names, for reasons you can plainly see", according to Captain Haddock.

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