Pokémon Super-1337 Shiny Crystal Emerald Hax0r Version

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Pokémon Super-1337 Shiny Crystal Emerald Hax0r Version, or PKMNS1337SCEHV for short, is the re-released fixed edited super-awesome version of the last game, which I can't remember the name of. Ask your brother's best friend's dog's lawyer, he'll know.

It was made by some random fan kid with too much time, and sent to Nintendo by his mum after he threw a legendary tantrum that lasted almost 28 seconds, causing massive damage to all around him. Nintendo, partnered with a small friendly crab, then added more references to obscure memes to the script in order to add appeal for 4chan nerds users, then shipped over 9000 at least 100 a lot some copies to other countries for sale. Unfortunately only 8 copies were sold, possibly due to the fact that only 8 copies were shipped, and the others were burnt in a sacrificial ritual to Xenu.

Critty sizzum[edit | edit source]

TWO MILLION days later, the game was made illegal by the Official United Super Mega Ultra Police, or as it is more commonly referred to as, Wikipedia. They declared it illegal because it had too many [citation needed] tags.[citation needed]