Bioshock Infinite

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This article is llama, and probably not biased also.

“Bring us Zoe Quinn and wipe away the debt.”

Bioshock Infinite is a 1990s television series about Mormons in space. Part of the larger, "...but they're in SPACE!" genre of films and television shows, it appealed to the steam punk and whiny nerd-childrens demographic.

The basic plot is that it's totally OK to kill hundreds and hundreds of white police officers for hours on end, on the off chance that they might possibly be kind of racist. This is the only way to fight racism in society. Don't be like Michael Brown. If you see a white police officer approaching you, then you'd better BASH THEIR SKULLS IN with the nearest skyhook.

Also, something about Ayn Rand. I'm too lazy to look it up right now.