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Mega Man! The superhero robot who shall defeat the evil Dr. Wily! If only the games weren't so damn tough that I find them impossible to complete! I hate you, Capcom!

Rant[edit | edit source]

I mean, the level designs are so unforgiving. One time, I slipped on a banana and fell into a bottomless pit! That's right, I SLIPPED ON A BANANA AND FELL INTO A BOTTOMLESS PIT! Stupid bottomless pits! You haven't even been hit once and suddenly you lose a life!

Note: The majority of Mega Man games do not contain bananas.

Rant[edit | edit source]

And the bosses so damn impossible to beat! They take you out in three hits and there's nothing you can do about it! Where are the slaxe-chucks! Where's the uber-boom laser! GOD!

Rant[edit | edit source]

And so much critical acclaim! "These games are awesome, these games are awesome." Well, they're also a torture to play! So difficult! Do you not realize that lazy imbeciles like us don't like difficult! GAAAH!!!!

Not A Rant[edit | edit source]

he has an energy gun thingie. pew pew shoot the lemons