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Its Geometry Dash. The game you've wanted on this wiki is here.

What About It?[edit]

Well, Geometry Dash is a game where you can create and share levels. You can also get skins by doing tasks.

Theres More Than You Thought![edit]

Well, if you thought thats all, your wrong! Because theres story mode, and shops! Shops are things where you can get exclusive skins by getting orbs. Orbs are gotten when you complete a level made by someone. And story mode, it is where you play levels made by the creators.

What Else Is There?[edit]

You may be asking yourself, "WE WANT MORE!" but this Illogicopedia page has a lot more to come. For items, there is stars and orbs. Stars(if you made a profile), are displayed on your profile to show how good you are. Orbs, like we displayed in the shops section, are used to buy skins.


I've bought the game and there are 21 levels and 1 scrapped level.