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Its Geometry Dash. The game you've wanted on this wiki is here.

What About It?[edit | edit source]

Well, Geometry Dash is a game where you can create and share levels. You can also get skins by doing tasks.

Theres More Than You Thought![edit | edit source]

Well, if you thought thats all, your wrong! Because theres story mode, and shops! Shops are things where you can get exclusive skins by getting orbs. Orbs are gotten when you complete a level made by someone. And story mode, it is where you play levels made by the creators.

What Else Is There?[edit | edit source]

You may be asking yourself, "WE WANT MORE!" but this Illogicopedia page has a lot more to come. For items, there is stars and orbs. Stars(if you made a profile), are displayed on your profile to show how good you are. Orbs, like we displayed in the shops section, are used to buy skins.

Update[edit | edit source]

I've bought the game and there are 21 levels and 1 scrapped level.